Infographics: Using Data Visualizations in Teaching and Research

An infographic is a powerful tool for communicating a complex, data-driven story. Learn strategies for creating infographics that can be used in your teaching and for making research accessible and memorable. You’ll learn about different types of infographics and some easy tools for creating one of your own.


Framework and Process

Design, Colors, Fonts and Images

Data and Charts

Create Infographics Piktochart Venngage Canva
Lots of ways to customize your design Thousands of free icons Many different templates available Many different templates available Design program geared towards social media, presentations, or posters
Free version: only publish to the web publically Import data from Excel, Google Spreadsheet (live), Survey Monkey No data integration Includes Pictograms and Icons No data integration, access to over 8,000 templates
Embed media: YouTube, Vimeo, Slideshare, Flickr, URL Free version: download or publish to the web Free version: download, publish to the web, or share/embed Interactive: Vizualize.Me, YouTube, Poll, Field Form, Basic Table Free version: download multiple file types, many design tools and features
Free version: only publish to the web publically or share via social media
Pricing Info Pricing Info Pricing Info Pricing Info Pricing Info


Teaching with Infographics


Additional Resources

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