AR, Fad or Profound Tool for Teaching and Campus Life?

Lindsay Karp and Kristen Treglia, Senior Instructional Technologists at Fordham University, speaking at Campus Technology 2015



Augmented Reality: Facts and Figures

Aurasma Turns One Aurasma: Fastest Growing AR Platform

iOS apps for AR Learning

Augmented Reality Wearables Options

Articles and Blog Posts

Flip through Kristen’s Flipboard on Augmented Reality for the latest articles and blog posts about AR


Creating Augmented Reality in Education Video presentations from 2012 conference


Occupational Safety Scaffolding



Word Lens

  • Word Lens is now integrated into the Google Translate app:
    – Android
    – iOS

AccrossairPressaid TunnelVision TagWhat Wikitude

Battle App

Anatomy 4D


Star Walk




AR Toolkit

Join us for a virtual chat via Twitter about Augmented Reality. This hashtag was created at DevLearn2014 by participants of an early Morning Buzz session.

Meetup dates: 12/16

Since folks from PST, EST, and the UK will be joining us, we’ll be going with a 7am EST and 7pm EST chat on that day.

Twitter List of participants, Tweet/DT @kris10_ to be added to the list

Google spreadsheet to add questions/notes for chats.

If you would like to join this wiki and contribute resources, please email Kristen at