Module: Fordham University Tech Services

Fordham IT

Academic and Enrollment Services

  • How to check class rosters (My.Fordham (BANNER) / Blackboard)
  • How to enter student grades through My.Fordham
  • How to change student grades through Academic Records


How to Use Blackboard

General Knowledge

Blackboard Basics and Tools

Blackboard Discussions


Blackboard Activities


Tests/Quizzes, Assignments and Grade Center

Additional Blackboard Topics

Modifying Course listed in “My Courses” module

To edit courses that show up in the “My Courses” module, click on the pencil icon that appears when you rollover the module. Uncheck the boxes of the courses you do not want displayed in the first column and click “submit”. You will still have access to all of your courses by clicking on the “Courses” tab at the top of the page, but only the courses that are selected to be displayed in the “My Courses” module will be shown on the Blackboard Welcome page when you log in.

Setting up Tools for Feedback to Individual Students

Students can view feedback to an assignment and tests several ways (as long as the instructor set the grade columns to show to students).

1) If an assignment or a test was not made unavailable in a content area by a certain date and time, students can click back into the assignment or test to view their grade, and feedback for that specific assignment or test.


2) Students can also view grades in a course if Course Tools was added to the Course Menu. Course Tools presents a button to click called “My Grades”, this area will allow students to view their assignment grade and feedback.


3) Students can also view grades under the Global Navigation Window. If a student clicks on their name on the top right of Blackboard, a drop-down menu will appear. The icon with a checkmark indicates their grades:

Global Navigation Window


My Grades Window:


Reviewing Journals and Blogs

When users open a blog, they will first see their own post and then are able to scroll to the next posts. If they haven’t posted anything, they will see their empty blog and are able to scroll to the next posts.

First, click on the Blog name, then click on the ‘<‘ symbol beside your name to access posts from other users. Please see below screenshot on how to access blog posts.

unnamed (1).png