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Conferences attended

DML 2014 (Kristen, resources)

EDUCAUSE 2010 (Kristen, resources)

TEDxNYED 2010 (Kristen, website linkresources)

DevLearn2010 (Lindsay, website link)

DevLearn2011 (Lindsay, website link)

Conference presentations

Devloping Digital Literacies 2016: Ready, Set Tweet! (Kristen, resources)

REA 2015: Enhancing and Augmenting Your Practice with Strategies & Tools (Kristen, resources)

REA 2015: Everything You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know About the Social Web (Kristen, resources)

Campus Technology 2015: Flipped Classroom (Kristen & Lindsay, resources)

Campus Technology 2015: Tools for Tasks (Kristen & Lindsay, resources)

Campus Technology 2015: Augmented Reality (Kristen & Lindsay, resources)

Campus Technology 2015: Transform Your Teachng Practice with Twitter- Develop a PLN (Kristen & Lindsay, resources)

AJCU Annual Conference 2010: Social Media Resources and Ideas (Kristen, resources)

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