Theories of Education

Learning Theories via Instructional Design
Infographic Vicky Earle
Index of Learning Theories and Models


Udacity’s Sebastian Thrun, Godfather of Free Online Education, Changes Course
The New Rock-Star Professor 1.6k 392 21 Should celebrities teach online classes?

Coding Movement

Geeking Out Young: Gadgets and Coding Need to Be Core in US Schools Steve Dent via Engadget, 11/11/13

Coding the Curriculum: How High Schools Are Reprogramming Their Classes Eric Larson via Mashable, 9/22/13

Tech Giants Promote Video with a Simple Message: Kids Need to Learn Programming David Hill via Singularity Hub, 2/28/13

Zuckerberg, Obama, and Apple Tell Kids to Try Programming For an Hour

History and organizations

The Learning Machines: A graphic history of classroom technology, from the writing slate to the electronic tablet NYT Magazine, 9/15/10

Almanac of Higher Education 2012 via The Chronicle of Higher Education

Organization of Educational Historians

Committee of Ten

Ten Years’ Influence of the Report of the Committee of Ten (PDF)

Food For Thought

A World of Knowledge: 50 Different Views of Education Lisa Chesser via InformEd,11/18/13

Ads Instead of Tuition via Stanford EDF

Three Pillars for Open Education via HASTAC

Why Do We Focus On Finland? A Must-Have Guidebook Jeff Dunn via Edudemic, 8/14/12

Academic spring: how an angry maths blog sparked a scientific revolution Alok Jha via The Guardian, 4/9/12

Why School? TED ebook author rethinks education when information is everywhere. Jim Daly via TED Blog, 9/14/12

College, Reinvented The Chronicle of Higher Education, 12/6/13

Galvanize: The Future of (Different) Work Karl Fisch via The Fischbowl, 11/14/13

Kindergarten Teacher Earns $700,000 by Selling Lesson Plans Online Zoe Fox via Mashable, 5/17/12

Don’t Lecture Me Emily Handford via American RadioWorks Fall 2011

Is Reddit going to replace college for people who can’t afford higher education? Annalee Newitz via io9, 8/6/12

The vanishing master John McWade via Before&After’s Design Talk, 5/22/12

Researcher advocates ‘student-centered’ approach to science education Barry Ray via Physorg, 10/16/12

Connectivism Geory Siemens

Noam Chomsky on the Purpose of Education by Maria Popova via Brainpickings, 3/13/12

MOOC-Skeptical Provosts by Ry Rivard via Inside Higher Ed, 6/19/13

Avoiding “Unmitigated Disasters” by Sean Nash via NashWorld, 11/29/13

The New Rock-Star Professor; Should Celebrities Teach Online Classes? by Jeffrey R. Young, via Slate, 11/6/13

Curriculum of Curiosity: Be Good at What You’re Best at – Sugata Mitra via WISEQatar, 12/12/13

BbWorld 2013 Closing Keynote: Sugata Mitra

21st Century Learning Is Not A Program via TeachThought, 01/6/2013

The Online Education Revolution Drifts Off Course by Eric Westervelt via NPR, 12/31/13

The Anti-MOOC: How a Jesuit Approach to Online Learning Fosters a Strong Sense of Community by Susan Whitson Bagley via AJCU Connections, 12/13

Digital Humanities 2.0: A Report on Knowledge [a page on the connexios wiki– cc resource]

The Stanford Education Experiment Could Change Higher Learning Forever by Steven Leckart via Wired, 3/20/12


ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2013

News and Websites related to HASTAC or The Future of Learning effort

Harvard’s Future of Learning Program


Changing Education Paradigms Sir Ken Robinson, TED talk, 10/10

Shift Happens Karl Fisch 2007

A Brief History of Technology in Education Adam Bellow, 5/15/09

Instructional Technology: Looking Backward, Thinking Forward Oscar Retterer, 4/17/08