• Create a monthly calendar to promote Digital Citizenship Awareness
  • Collaborate with faculty/staff/students to organize events

I will be updating the wiki with the plans for events and resources, stay tuned! If you are interested in participating in planning events, I would also love to talk with you, don’t hesitate to reach out!


Google calendar of events at Fordham on the topic of Digital Citizenship. If you are organizing an event on campus that also promotes Digital Citizenship, please contact Kristen to add your event to our calendar: treglia@fordham.edu

  • January/Access– How can we mitigate limiting factors (socioeconomic status, disability, gender, physical location etc) to make sure everyone has equitable opportunity?
  • February/Commerce– Are you aware of opportunities,risks and problems while making well-informed choices as a digital consumer/producer?
  • March/Communication– How do you choose and properly use the appropriate communication channels?
  • April/Literacy– How do you find, evaluate, communicate, organize, evaluate, remix and publish information?
  • May/Etiquette- How can you be respectful to others online while being mindful of content and context?
  • September/Law- How can you respect others’ rights when using technology? What are appropriate measures against those who misuse it?
  • October/Rights & Responsibilities- What rights and responsibilities do we have and how can we protect them?
  • November/Health & Wellness- How can you avoid pain or injury associated with computer use?
  • December/Security- How do you protect your data online? What digital security best practices should you follow?

Digital Citizenship Events (National and International)

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